CMX-RVJ-04 Jiu Jitsu Nightmare

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CMX-RVJ-04 Jiu Jitsu Nightmare  Arianne mixes it up in this match against Chris. He may be taller than Arianne but he is rather weak, and very untrained when it comes to wrestling. Arianne on the other hand, has jiu jitsu, and wrestling skills under her belt. Chris tries to fight off Arianne’s attacks, but with his skinny little arms and legs he stands little to no chance. Arianne throws in some good joint locks, making Chris wince in pain as she goes from hold to hold, leaving Chris to wonder what is coming next. She facesits him to wear him out faster, knowing he can’t hold his breath for very long. Chris is already feeling winded. They even get to their feet and Arianne uses a leg sweep picking him up from around his legs and slamming him to the mats. Chris hits the mat with such a loud bang, we are sure it knocked the wind out of him. She also uses a hip toss that sends him falling to the mats stunning him. With seated chokes and smothers, forward and reverse facesitting, mixed in with jiu jitsu moves and locks Chris was left no choice but to quit before Arianne really damages this skinny little wimp.

cplpicsets CMX-RVJ-04 Jiu Jitsu Nightmare

2 thoughts on “CMX-RVJ-04 Jiu Jitsu Nightmare”

  1. Wow Arianne really hammers it to chris and throws his skinny ass all over the place. You can tell that Arianne has much more skill in this match than chris does, she uses some pretty intricate BJJ holds to subdue him. She even sweeps him off his feet!!! Literally. Unfortunately for Chris he loses again to Arianne. Please Chris can you beat her? Get more training? I want to see you win over one of the CPL girls.

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