CMX-HWL-001 Twisted Zombie Sisters

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CMX-HWL-001 Twisted Zombie Sisters

So here is our halloween special video featuring the twisted sisters Arianne and Aubrey. Looks like they have been bitten by a zombie and have transformed into one themselves. Now they have found their prey that they want to devour, but first they want to soften him up. They stand in front of him while he sat on the mats, but the lights go out. When the lights come back on, they are there again, zombified. Aubrey seemed to be the more hungry of the two, always biting at chadam wanting her “meal”. Arianne calmed her down a few times, and in the process they both took turns facesitting and wearing him down. They switched back and fourth each doing facesits, both forward and reverse, making him gasp over and over for air. Seeing that he is getting weaker, they double team him, Arianne uses a headlock, while Aubrey backs up and shoves her ass in his face smothering him. You can tell they are somewhat “possessed” as they are not themselves and both want to speed up the process of tenderizing their victim. Arianne had to calm Aubrey down a few times she was becoming more crazy as the match went on, wanting to eat him. They both pick him up off the mats, and threw him into the wall. With their hands around his neck he could not breathe and looked very terrified. They swarmed him like bees on honey as they toss him back on the mats. They take turn doing forward facesits, seeing that their victim is just about ready now. He was wore right out from all the smothering, and being swarmed by these two possessed sisters. They get off him, Aubrey on one side, Arianne on the other, and they slowly lean down and start biting his neck. Chadam has succumb to the zombie sisters who feasted on their prey.

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