CMX-JMC-06 Megan Jones Jeans Smother

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CMX-JMC-06 Megan Jones Jeans Smother  Chadam prepares himself to take on the 5’9 giant, Megan. She looks absolutely smoking hot in her skin tight jeans as she readies herself to destroy chadam. She easily towers over him and begins to dominate him with loads of facesitting. She even resorts to using full weight facesits making sure to crush his face beneath her. Her scissors were certainly no laughing matter as chadam’s face turned dark red as he lay trapped in her powerful thighs. Megan just literally toys with her smaller male opponent, switching from a reverse straight leg scissor right onto a breast smother. Megan flips into reverse and utilizes her assets to punish chadam further, dropping her ass down onto his face in a full weight facesit. Chadam was getting wrecked on the mats, and Megan topped off her fantastic skills and abilities by using a forward facesit KO. She picks his arm up and it falls completely to the mats as he lay there under her foot as she poses valiantly over his limp body. Her verbal humiliation was not to miss in this clip either.

cplpicsets CMX-JMC-06 Megan Jones Jeans Smother


One thought on “CMX-JMC-06 Megan Jones Jeans Smother”

  1. Very very very hot! Megan is pretty and has an amazing body with awesome tight jeans! I would love to have her sit on my face in those tight sexy jeans so I can feel and smell her amazing ass! I would also love to have her press her nice big boobies in my face. The guy in the video is very lucky. For some reason I find it really hot when she says, “Oh, you’re not into butts? That’s not what you like?”
    Amazing video!

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