CMX-ZOE-001 Exotic Smother Goddess

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Zoe is our newest addition to our team. She is cunning, deceiving, and very very strong for her size. Chadam may have underestimated her due to her size, but Zoe will prove her self worth on the mats that will soon remove all doubts from chadams mind. From the start, Zoe locks up with chadam and flips him hard down onto the mats with a headlock. Zoe quickly controls his arms asserting her dominance and pinning him down, jumping on him. Once under her control she slid up and sat on his face, smothering him. When he tapped, she lifts up for a brief moment, then slams back down onto his face. The second time he tapped, she ignored it making him fight for air. she released the forward facesit, and with amazing speed she flips around in reverse. Shes secures his arms and begins a barrage of reverse facesits. Chadam’s arms were crossed in front of him, taking all his leverage to push her off away. She then says “you can’t move now you little bitch” and continues to smother him. Zoe then flips back into forward getting a tap from a facesit before grabbing his head, tucking it high in her thighs and rolling to her side. Now trapped in a headscissor, chadam can certainly feel the power as Zoe clamps her strong legs around his neck. His face went as red as her shorts in a very quick time. She even ignores his taps again, bringing him to the edge of going out. Rolling back up into a facesit zoe gets her first KO by not letting chadam out when he tapped. She was ruthless, as he was out, she sat down again, then lifted up, he barely came to and she went right back down again on his face. Rolling to her side again, chadam’s head locked tight between her legs Zoe applies some serious pressure. She was not paying attention and as she squeezed, Chadam went out for a second time. Zoe did not even know, and the camera girl had to say I think you knocked him out. Zoe releases him, and as he comes to she was preparing to pin him again. Dishing out more facesitting, she says ” your such a little sissy boy” looking down at him as he struggles to breathe. the way she pins him down, he can’t budge her, as her shins dig deep into his arms.she continues with constant facesits both forward and reverse, then gets him in a straight leg reverse headscissor. clearly he is not enjoying this as the sounds he was making as she squeezed were signs of pain. Zoe goes back into forward, sitting on his stomach then says ” come on, try, get up, lets go” as Chadam tries to sit up and over take her, Zoe plows into him sending him to the mats with a big thump. she pins his arms high above his head as she jumps on him, then jumps on his face. when he taps again she barely lifted up, not giving him literally any air. then she asks him “what, you want more? You don’t deserve more air sissy boy”. With lots of non stop facesitting, she rejects his taps until he goes out again. As he comes to Zoe puts his face right back under her pussy smothering him, this time he panics. The non stop facesitting continues until she traps his head again in her thighs and rolls to her side. she gets quite a few neck crushing scissors extracting multiple taps before rolling back into the facesit. Zoe manages to get another good facesit KO on chadam then she locks his arms tightly between her thighs. Zoe makes chadam fight for every last breath desperate now for air. In between catching his breath he pleads with her saying he is done. That wasn’t good enough for Zoe as she slams down again onto his face, staying there saying “are you sure your done?”. He tries nodding his head to say yes, as Zoe strikes a pose flexing while still sitting on his face in a total dominating fashion. This was Zoe’s very first mixed wrestling match, and we think she enjoys making her male victim suffer and be completely submissive to her. We hope to release more of this exotic smother goddess.


cplpicsets CMX-ZOE-001 Exotic Smother Goddess

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