MMV-045 Mariella’s Jeans Smotherfest

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Mariella could not wait to get her hands on Mia, and punish her. They started on the bed, both are actually dressed in exactly what they showed up in. Mariella wasted no time in trapping Mia and pinning her to the bed. Mia puts p a struggle beneath her, but Mariella was just too strong, and determined to win. With all forward and reverse facesitting, Mariella shoved her denim clad crotch down hard onto Mia’s face. With each facesit Mariella cracked a big smile, just to prove she enjoyed hurting Mia. When she sat in reverse, she rammed Mia’s nose square into her ass, blocking all of her air. Mia was now totally overpowered, and knew she did not stand a chance against Mariella, as her muffled cries go unheard in the ass and crotch of her dominant adversary.

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