SAV-041 Smother School

Category:  Mixed Wrestling
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Full Video: 17 Minutes
Members Clip: 6 Minutes
Published: 2017-01-23
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Pam and Bella are sitting and gossiping waiting for chadam to arrive. Little does chadam know, Pam and Bella are actually friends,Bella wants to let Pam know that chadam tried to pull some moves on her since she knows they are dating. When chadam enters they confront him, and Bella totally sells him out to Pam. Chadam was cornered with no where to go, and Pam grabs him and tosses him to the mats. Pam is still wearing her school uniform, and Bella was on her way to cheerleader practice. Pam was the first to take the lead and pin chadam down, and facesit him. Bella sat behind, securing his legs. Pam and Bella both verbally trash and humiliate him all the while sitting on his face. With both girls on top, chadam could not move and was at the mercy of these girls seeking to inflict pain and punishment as they see fit. Pam spins around in reverse and gives chadam a taste of her ass ramming it down into his face. Pam and Bella are enjoying every minute of this as they trade spots and Bella facesits him. With teasing, taunting, smothering and domination these girls mean business. They take turns facesitting, and Bella goes so far as to shove her fingers down his throat to gag him. They even throw in some great scissors, all that turn his face deep red and have him tapping. Neither girl show him any mercy and want to destroy him every way possible. Chadam’s plan to fool around with Bella behind Pam’s back will lead him to an ultimate mistake, he will regret. As Pam pins him again in a forward schoolgirl pin/facesit, she decides not to let him go when he taps. She climbs onto his face, Bella securing his arms so he can’t push Pam off or try to escape and wait. Chadam stops moving, and his arms literally drop to the mats. Bella and Pam lift his arms up a few times, and it keeps dropping. Now they know he is finished and out for the count. Pam slaps his face hard to get him to come to, as he does she grabs his face and says “it’s over bitch”, breaks up with him as both girls walk off the mats and Bella kicks his arm leaving him in despair


cplpicsets SAV-041 Smother School


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