CMX-SOD-09 Outdoor Attack

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CMX-SOD-09 Outdoor Attack  Chadam was wondering down a wooded path, when all of a sudden Melody jumps out from the forest and attacks him from behind. She gets him in a rear naked choke that he struggles to break free from, but she slowly lowers him to the ground with it. After making him tap a couple of times from her tight grip around his neck, onto reverse straight leg head scissors she goes. He now found himself in a world of hurt and pain as Melody squeezes and tightens the grip. Chadam then faces an onslaught of forward and reverse facesits, full weight facesits and more scissors.

He almost goes out from an across the throat choke, Melody using all her weight to dig her shin down into his neck. While she facesits him, she crosses his arms above his head and tucks them under her shins so he can’t budge. With her full weight facesits she grinds and shakes her ass in his face, just burying it deeper into her crotch.

With one last seated scissor facesit, his time was up as he ends up going out under his forest mistress, as she flexes over his now limp body.

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