KOA-097 Madison’s Faceriding K.O.

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Published: 2016-03-12
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Madison the sexy blonde is back taking on Mariella again in this clip. Mariella has been upset that she can’t beat nor even outwit the beautiful Madison. Even right from the start, Madison fires Mariella down to the mats pouncing her tight body right on top. Madison was anxious to start her facesitting onslaught, ready to humiliate Mariella yet again. This time Madison had fun rubbing her pussy all over Mariella’s face, grinding it in, totally dominating Mariella. Mariella’s frustration grew intensely as she could not escape her smaller foe’s grasp or pin. All Mariella could do now, was try to trash talk, between breaths, while Madison even verbally trashes Mariella, making the situation that much worse for her. Madison was actually just pleasuring herself using Mariella’s face, as she laughed at Mariella, obviously trying to escape. Madison got so into the moment, Mariella screams “no more” as Madison plants herself back on her face. With her weakened struggling, Madison sat and waited for Mariella to stop moving, as she goes out beneath her, and says “that’s how you get a job done”. Now looking down at Mariella stroking her head and hair, reaching her peak now just enjoying the view from above, Madison, yet again, the true dominant winner.

cplpicsets KOA-097 Madison's Faceriding K.O.

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