CPL-STS-018 Don’t Fuck With Me

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Aubrey is the youngest and most sadistic on the CPL roster. She loves to inflict pain, and humiliate her opponents. When it comes to mixed matches this is when she is her most brutal. Dressed in her skin tight blue spandex pants she is ready to show Chadam what true suffering is all about. As they begin, Aubrey is already in Chadam’s face taunting him and on the count of 3 she rushes him and brings him to the mats quite easily. You can tell she wants to unleash, and that is exactly what she was about to do. She instantly jumps on him then sits on his face, burying it in her crotch. She grabs his arms so he has no leverage and really hammers down with facesitting. When he tapped she lifts up just a slight bit, then goes back down and shakes and rubs her crotch all over his face, humiliating him. After a few taps Aubrey looks down at him and says ” i’m strong huh” then spins quickly into reverse. She sits down hard ramming his nose deep into her ass as she grinds down shaking it in his face. She is loving the domination over him. Aubrey also ignores his taps and told him if he wants out that he better panic then, leading chadam almost on the brink of going out before she decides to give him air. Aubrey then says ” who’s the evil bitch? and makes chadam say it to her. Once he says it she cracks a smile then sits back own on his face again. Dishing out a few more facesits she switches to a straight leg scissor, then to her smothering reverse figure four. She continues to taunt and humiliate him, knowing he can’t escape. Aubrey then says “tell the camera your struggling”, and between breaths of air he says it, wanting to conform with whatever she told him to do. Aubrey’s aggression starts to get even worse, as she hammers chadam with headscissors that have his face turning dark purple. When she releases her scissors she kicks him onto his back, then begins to stand on him full weight and jump all over him. Aubrey has no remorse, and is loving her pain infliction. She jumps into a schoolgirlpin and threatens to kick him in the balls. For some reason chadam started to laugh, and that made Aubrey mad. She rips at his stomach hair and said shes not going to stop until he stops laughing. Once he stopped, Aubrey grabbed his face and pointed it towards the camera and said ” tell them who’s a pussy, and who is winning so far”. Seeing Aubrey was mad, he said what he was told to say. Aubrey proceeds to flip into reverse and lock on her seated figure four smothering facesit hold. Her ass flexes and muscles rippled as she squeezed his head and face in her thighs. After some taps Aubrey then slams her ass down hard into his face in an extremely tight reverse facesit. She then says “let’s make you panic a bit”. Ignoring his taps, he is once again brought to the brink of going out, Aubrey being vicious with her smothering. Aubrey laughed as chadam was gasping for air she then told him to say “tell them your a loser, tell them your weak, and a weak ass bitch”. Chadam struggled to say it all as she slapped his face to make sure he said it all. Aubrey then bounces on his neck then moves back and bounces her ass on his face then stays down to smother him. She then locks his head again in a very tight reverse facesit, chadam now trying to beg for mercy. Aubrey said ” I can’t hear you, they don’t care about you”. You can clearly hear the panic in his voice, as Aubrey says ” are you scared, are you scared of me?” Chadam openly says yes, then Aubrey laughed continuing with her smothering. Chadam was finished, his breathing was palpitated his body weak and powerless. Aubrey pins him in forward and looked down at him saying “now you can look at my face, I am your worst nightmare”. Aubrey continues to toy with him the remainder of the match with full weight facesits, then she says “maybe i should finish you for good, then says no, I like beating him up”. She slams down hard in a full weight facesit and says ” i need you to quit, that’s what you need to do”. Sitting on his face still he taps, then says “ok, ok, I quit”. She grabs him by the hair and tells him to sit up. Aubrey then says “turn around and look at the camera, tell then you fucking quit”, slapping his face he says I quit. Aubrey then asked him” and who is the winner?,” Chadam says Aubrey. She verbally trashes him a few more times, then flexes her rippling arm muscles giving him one more slap to the face. This girl is a sadistically, mean, gorgeous ruthless force to reckon with.



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