CPL-GP-34 Sleepy Savannah

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Arianne and Savannah Foxx lock horns in this epic clip. Both girls have experience on the mats and are testing one another to see who will prevail. Both competitors look confident right before their take down. Arianne has Savannah in a headlock and whips her to the mats unsuspectingly. Savannah has little time to react or counter Arianne before she climbs on top pinning her down. While Savannah struggles and bucks trying to unseat her smaller foe, Arianne moves up and begins long and drawn out forward facesits. For an experienced wrestler, Savannah is struggling to break out of Arianne’s pin. Then in a quick turn of events, Arianne flips around in reverse and shoves her ass in Savannah’s face burying it deep in her ass cheeks. Savannah mumbles and tries to trash talk Arianne but finds herself locked in her ass cheeks again. The only problem was Arianne became a little too over confident, and Savannah used that to her advantage. In the blink of an eye, Savannah reversed the roles now as she catches Arianne off guard and rolls her off pinning her now in reverse. Savannah using that thick booty slams it into Ariannes face, now trash talking her. Arianne is now in complete shock, as Savannah now says” here let me seal that off real tight for you” then she grabs her ass cheeks slams down onto Arianne’s face and clenches her butt cheeks together. Now Savannah enjoys her time facesitting and humiliating Arianne before switching into an unbelievably tight straight leg head scissor that has Arianne almost instantly seeing stars. Dishing out some tight reverse scissors, Savannah gets off Arianne and goes back into forward. Savannah seemingly irate now slams Arianne’s head down then jumps on her sitting on her face. When Arianne tapped, she was gasping Savannah looking down saying” oh you need air bitch?, too fucking bad” and slams her pussy down hard back onto Arianne’s face. From there Savannah rolls to her side keeping Arianne’s head locked firmly between her thighs. Savannah is laughing at Arianne now, mocking her, and trash talking her saying” what was that about you beating me?”. Savannah cranks on the headscissor extremely tight lifting herself literally off the mats. Savannah thought Arianne was too weak to do anything as she gets off her, but Arianne made her move, and subdued Savannah rolling her off her and getting her into a breast smother. Then Arianne begins trash talking and humiliating Savannah now. Arianne sits in a schoolgirl pin then tries to transition into a reverse, Savanna desperately trying to escape. That plan backfired on Savannah as Arianne got behind her and latched on a straight leg scissor. Arianne uses that to get some taps, then switches to a figure four, making Savannah really work for air. Once Arianne loosened the hold she was trying to position herself into another hold, but Savannah escaped jumping on top of Arianne using a seated scissor this time.  Savannah then rolls to the side pulling Arianne’s head in tight saying “come on, make friends with my pussy”, as she locks her ankles and applies immense pressure. Savannah rolls back on top, using a full weight facesit, but Arianne reaches around her waist and pushes her backwards, sending Savannah flying. Arianne catches Savannah in a standing headscissor, pulling her hair hard placing her head tight between her thighs applying the squeeze. After a few taps, Arianne falls to her side keeping the scissor on strong, she continues to squeeze the energy from Savannah. Making another quick move, Arianne gets back on top into a facesit pin. She continually makes Savannah tap over and over, taps coming quicker and quicker. Arianne then simply places her feet above Savannah’s head pinning her arms, now in a full weight facesit. Arianne punishes her relentlessly with full weight, and Arianne decided enough was enough and ended the match by KO’ing Savannah, her face buried in Arianne’s pussy. Seeing she was out, Arianne sits on her chest, flexing then says yeah, fuck you all cocky.



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