CPL-RGH-09 A Tough Loss

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CPL-RGH-09 A Tough Loss

Feebee and Mercedes are nearly the same height and weight and both extremely competitive. Although they’re friends off the mats, you’d never know it on the mats as they both compete to win. Mercedes knows Feebee is very skilled and takes the match by storm, immediately catching Feebee off guard by quickly throwing her down on the mat. Feebee was clearly a little stunned but manages to defend herself by locking her arms around her friend’s neck to limit her control. She rolls on her side and attempts to get Mercedes on her back but can’t quite make it. Instead, Feebee finds herself flat on her back again as Mercedes struggles to break free from her headlock. As Mercedes finally gets free, Feebee goes into defense mode by turning onto her side to avoid being pinned. Mercedes has her work cut out for her as she tries everything to capitalize on her position over Feebee. 

The struggle intensifies and they appear to be at a stalemate until suddenly Mercedes finds the right angle and wraps her arm around Feebee’s neck, choking her from behind as she wraps her legs around Feebee’s vulnerable torso. This sends Feebee tapping and really seems to wear her down as she struggles to squirm free. Feebee finally manages to roll Mercedes off in an incredible display of strength and nearly pins her but appears to run out of steam as she soon finds herself getting overpowered and pinned. 

Feebee looks up helplessly as Mercedes sits on her neck, then her face as Feebee closes her eyes as if trying to block out the embarrassment of what’s happening. Little did she know, this was just the beginning as Mercedes proceeds to facesit her repeatedly into a state of exhaustion and utter defeat, really working her over. All Feebee could do was gasp, curse and moan as it becomes abundantly clear that she is completely at the mercy of her stronger friend. Mercedes is clearly proud of her dominance as she sits on Feebee, watching as she struggles and taps repeatedly from the relentless forward and reverse facesits until she finally hears what she’s been waiting for: “I give up!” 

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  1. Wow! What a matchup. Just watched and absolutely loved every second. Definitely worth getting the video. Seeing Feebee struggle throughout the entire match was really something to see. I could feel her embarrassment as she gasped “oh my god” numerous times, frustrated that she was being held down flat on her back by Mercedes. Every time I thought Feebee might be on the verge of gaining some control, Mercedes found a way to keep the upper hand. Great one-sided match and definitely a tough loss for Feebee, whose confidence seemed totally zapped by the end.

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