CPL-BO-54 Dommed And Smothered

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CPL-BO-54 Dommed And Smothered

3 thoughts on “CPL-BO-54 Dommed And Smothered”

  1. thanks for this clip. for me the whole video is so boring… 99% of the clip is filmed from the front perspective always with the same pins; they aren’t bad but why not more often filming from behind with feebee sitting on top? => filming from behind is a really beautiful view of the fight! so pity that there are not more sequences like this filming in back positions in this movie.

    1. Most of our market prefer the front filming position. I agree filming from the back works for some people, but not something the majority prefer.

  2. Feebee absolutely destroyed Alayna!! I think Alayna wanted to get smothered by Feebee because she didn’t even try just let Feebee take her down. I loved Feebee’s Facesitting and especially her throat sitting so strong!! It was great to see the bigger what I would think more stronger than Feebee on her back being absolutely smothered. I still can’t get over the throat sitting seeing Alayna’s face and her choking that’s a powerful pussy!!
    That was just powerful and sexy by Feebee!!

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