CPL-WK-695 The Loudmouth KO

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CPL-WK-695 Wenona vs Mariella  Mariella goes head to head with tough girl Wenona in this match up. Mariella is quite skilled, but finds out that she may just get out wrestled in this clip. Wenona uses intricate holds and positions on Mariella, and she seems to struggle to be able to free herself. Wenona also punishes Mariella with forward and reverse facesits. She has some tough scissors and Mariella feels the true power of them as she is trapped between her thighs. Although at the start Mariella does get the upper hand pinning and facesitting Wenona. Then Wenona reverses it, escaping and putting a painful bodyscissor on Mariella. Using rear naked chokes, scissors, and even Mariella’s own arms in a japanese Strangle hold, it looks like Mariella’s fight is diminishing. But she makes one last good comeback, even though she is winded from the suffering she endured. Making one last attempt, Mariella gets back on top, and tries to make Wenona pay the price. Pinning her down, Mariella struggles to keep Wenona pinned as she uses her legs to distract Mariella. With that, Wenona slipped out from under her, and turns the tables on her now. Wenona gets on top and sits on Mariella’s chest. Lifting one leg up she still keeps Mariella pinned down as she sits dominantly on top. Rolling to her side, Wenona locks Mariella’s head between her thighs and connects a straight leg scissor. Knowing she lost, Mariella taunts Wenona saying “is that all you got”. That was a mistake as Wenona switches to a figure four, and slowly squeezes Mariella until he actually puts her out.


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  1. Wenona has such an amazing body & she looks absolutely beautiful in The Pink Bra & The White Thong Panties & I absolutely love her Forward & Reverse Facesits on Mariella

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