KOA-0107 K.O’d Against Her Will

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Hot blonde Feebee is going against her arch rival Mariella in quite the battle. Feebee is out for payback on Mariella, since Feebee is attracted to her and Mariella wants nothing to do with her, Feebee is ready to make Mariella pay. Feebee is dressed in a tiny thong outfit that barely covers anything and she has a plan to destroy Mariella. Feebee begins her domination style approach catching Mariella off guard throwing her to the mats. She jumps on top and pins her down tightly. With her bare pussy literally hanging out, she rams it into Mariella’s face smothering her. Her taller opponent struggles to breathe but can’t and taps quite a few times. Feebee was just beginning her reign of humiliation. As they struggle, Feebee pins Mariella’s arms high above her head, and pulls out rope. she then ties Mariella’s wrists together. Now Mariella knew she was in a world of trouble.

With head scissors, pussy and ass smothering, Mariella was enduring so much humiliation she didn’t know what to do now. Her blonde rival was pretty much having her way with her. Mariella also has her feet tied together now, Feebee ass smothering her while she is tying her up. As the match comes to a close, Feebee ignored all of Mariella’s taps, and filled with panic Mariella tries to escape for air. Smiling down at her, Feebee then tightens her thighs around Mariella’s head, using her pussy to seal off her air, then Mariella went out. Off to sleep she goes. Feebee sitting proudly, flexing her sexy bicep muscles


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