CPL-WR-699 War Of The Wrestlers

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Category: Female Wrestling, New
Full Video: 17 Minutes
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Arianne meets Paige in this all out wrestling to the finish style clip. Each girl is wearing her respective wrestling singlet, all geared up ready for their showdown. This is a battle of skill, power, strength and most of all stamina. As they square up ready for action, each girl sizing the other up, they charge at each other. Arianne easily plows Paige to the mats with a reverse headlock takedown. She quickly mounts Paige and uses her notorious facesitting tactics to break Paige down. Paige tries to unseat Arianne bucking and squirming beneath her but has to tap. Arianne didn’t give her much air before she slams back down onto Paige’s face again smothering her. After a few good facesit taps, Arianne switches to a full weight facesit. Paige fights hard and manages to keep turning her head to the side avoiding being smothered. But Arianne was adamant on getting that tap and finally locks Paige’s face in tight with her crotch getting that tap she was looking for. Now swiftly turning into reverse, Arianne puts on a reverse facesit. Paige was fighting hard to get out and break free, anger somewhat setting in now. No matter how hard she tried, Paige was stuck, and tapped out quite a few times. Just when she thought she was out, Arianne got behind her, wraps her arms around Paige’s neck blasting her backwards securing a perfectly executed rear naked choke. Paige is furious now and wants out. As she slowly breaks free both girls now struggle to get the upper hand rolling around each wanting to gain the upper hand. Paige edges out Arianne and mounts her trying to secure her down. Finally Paige takes over making Arianne now work to get out. Paige gets into a side leg choke, and digs her thigh into Arianne’s neck. After she tapped, Paige went on to punish, and humiliate Arianne. Dominating her now with loads of forward and reverse facesitting, reverse headscissors that has Arianne practically stunned. Arianne’s fight now became much weaker as the valiant and stronger Paige over takes her completely now. Dominating the remainder of the match using full weight facesits, more reverse facesitting, and finally locks Arianne’s arms high above her head in a forward pin. As she scoots up she buries Arianne’s face over and over in her crotch her nose buried deep, mouth covered Arianne had no where to go. Paige gets multiple taps before asking Arianne if she quits, finally a winded Arianne admits total defeat, and Paige punishes her one last time with a great facesit, just to show her who’s boss. Paige says ” say it like you mean it” looking down at Arianne as she whole heartedly submits to Paige.

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