CPL-TM-010 Female Mat Supremacy

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This epics match up features USA wrestler Tilly, taking on house girl Paige in an all out competitive submission match. Both girls are in the starting position looking very focused and concentrated. On the 3 count Paige and Tilly lunge at each other looking for the first take down. the struggle was intense as Paige locks Tilly in a tight headlock and Tilly tries her best to get behind Paige possibly looking for the rear naked choke. They break free from their holds, Tilly ends up on her back and Paige tries to pounce but Tilly wards her off by trying to launch her away. Paige gets around Tilly’s legs and quickly slips behind Tilly, locking on a rear naked choke. Tilly taps out rather quickly 3 times and they get to their starting positions again. Tilly was certainly feeling the pain from that rear naked choke and wants revenge. Crashing to the mats they both go, Paige looking to score once again. But tilly catches Paige off guard and brings her legs up wrapping them around her head getting her in a headscissor. Paige fights hard to break free but is unable as Tilly squeezes with all her strength tightening the hold making Paige tap out. the match starts to pick up steam Paige returning the headscissor favour getting her into quite a knotted figure four with Tilly’s arm trapped in it as well that was also choking her. These girls mean business now, with things heating up, pride on the line, you can see they hold back nothing, not even their emotions. their faces are intense as they utilize many different holds, both girls scoring submission points. Tilly even resorts to using a full weight facesit that literally crushes Paige’s face beneath her, Tilly showing not one bit of remorse for hurting her. With more facesits, scissors, and kick ass rear naked chokes, exhaustion sets in as neither girl showed any signs of backing down, even though they are tired. The holds become more personal and brutal nearing the end, Paige using a bodyscissor, Tilly using her forearm to choke out Paige. Each girl fights through the pain, but one is forced to tap out multiple times, ending this powerful match. At the end both girls show good sportsmanship and shake hands, ending quite the epic battle between them. Brute force, strength and technique are all used in this clip, and what a clip it is!!!

1x1-pixel CPL-TM-010 Female Mat Supremacy

cplpicsets CPL-TM-010 Female Mat Supremacy

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