CMX-ECD-155 Canada Day Surrender

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CMX-ECD-155 Canada Day Surrender-  Eve and chadam decided to do a Canada Day dedication clip. Of course it can only go one way, Eve’s way. Dressed in her all Canadian gear including red and white pro style boots, she was ready to inflict some serious punishment. As they start Eve lunges at chadam taking him to the mats in a merciless headlock then mounts his chest. She slides up quickly and buries his face in her crotch smothering him. Only when he tapped did she just barely allow him any air, lifting up and going back down fast on his face. Eve traps his arms between her thighs, and pulls on her ankles pressing down ultimately hard. This makes chadam struggle and wince in pain, as she looks down saying ” I like when you struggle”, continuing to apply pressure on his face. Eve grabs his head pulling it up, and she rolls into a head scissor, his face now buried in her pussy as she grabs his only free arm. She starts to squeeze, her powerful thighs locking down on his head.

Once she gets a few good taps from that, she moves into reverse putting on a smothering figure four scissor. She releases that hold and sits on his chest, bounces a few times then bounces right onto his face. She pins him down then uses full weight pinning one of his arms under her boot as she steps on it, then ignores his taps. Eve says ” I can’t hear your taps, you weak little bitch” and continues to face sit him. Eve loves to punish, humiliate and intimidate chadam. She stands above him facing him mocking as if she is going to jump on his chest, scaring him. then she drops down and uses full weight forward face sitting. Eve loves to feel him squirm under her as he fights to constantly get air. She continues her face sitting barrage and tells him the only way for him to quit, was to wave the canadian flag, to surrender the match. Well nearly put out on numerous occasions by evil Eve, he finds the flag just above his head on the mat and waves his ultimate surrender. Eve proudly sits on him flexing and smiling, enjoying her victory.


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