CPL-LWW-01 Aubrey vs Havana

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CPL-LWW-01 Aubrey vs Havana

We are now featuring our lightweight championship match between Aubrey and Havana. Both girls are almost same height and very close in weight. Aubrey stands 5’2 110 lbs, Havana stands 4’11 weighing in at 100 lbs. This will be team CPL vs Team Montreal for the lightweight title. Aubrey is psyched for this match, but Havana is slightly intimidating due to her chiseled physique. They line up on the mats facing each other, and get ready. Aubrey was lightning fast with her takedown, slamming Havana onto the mats and got her into a schoolgirl pin so fast, Havana had no clue what just happened. Aubrey then slides up and grinds her pussy around on Havana’s face teasing and taunting her then slams down into a facesit. they start hurling insults at each other in (French) as Havana only speaks french. After a bit of facesitting, Aubrey grabs Havana’s head pulls it up high and rolls into a headscissor.

Havana urks in pain, as Aubrey latches her legs around Havana’s neck and squeezes. Havana was trying to escape, but Aubrey kept her in her place. Aubrey rolls onto her back, making Havana go onto her stomach, her head still locked tight in Aubrey’s thighs as she continually squeezes. Aubrey also had Havana’s arms trapped so she was unable to even try to pry Aubrey’s powerful legs apart. But then Aubrey decided to release the hold thinking Havana was too weak to re act and Aubrey went to do a schoolgirl pin, but Havana catches her off guard and shoves her to the mats. This time Havana has the upper hand as she pins Aubrey down in a tight schoolgirl pin. Now comes Havana’s turn to facesit Aubrey and make her tap now. Aubrey is still rather cocky on the bottom, but Havana is trying her best to wear her down. Aubrey continues to struggle beneath Havana, trying her best to escape, but Havana dominates with tight throat sitting, and more facesits shutting up Aubrey for brief moments. Havana lines herself up to put on a rolling scissor as she falls to her side,

Aubrey trapped now in her muscular thighs. Aubrey tries to fight the pain, but Havana’s very finely toned legs proved too much as Aubrey taps. Havana keeps the scissor on tight making Aubrey’s face turn beat red, and wince in pain. After a few good solid headscissors, Havana turns Aubrey onto her back, while she spins around in reverse now. Havana grabs Aubrey arms, slides back jamming her ass down into Aubrey’s neck, then lifts up and buries Aubrey’s face deep into her ass smothering her. Havana lifts up and looks like she was setting up for a headscissor, but instead Aubrey was laying in wait for her to make the wrong move. Havana fell victim to Aubrey’s training as Havana tried to transition into forward, as Aubrey sat up grabbing her in a headlock and whipping her to the mats. Aubrey jumps in reverse, shakes her ass all over Havana’s face then sits on it. Aubrey hooks one leg under her head, then traps Havana’s face in her ass.

After delivering some pretty intense reverse facesits, Aubrey leans down and locks on her figure four reverse scissor. Havana now struggles to break free, but can’t seem to find an out. Aubrey holds the scissor on and combines it with straight leg and rolling scissors.After probably what felt like an eternity being trapped in Aubrey’s headscissors, she rolls Havana now onto her back. She sits full weight on her chest, pinning her arms under her feet, then lifts up and gives Havana a dose of full weight facesitting. Now Aubrey in french says to Havana “your not moving much, your boring, how about some action”. Well Havana stole that trick from Aubrey as she waited for Aubrey to move into a different position. Just as she went to move, Havana completely catches Aubrey off guard and pins her down now. This time Havana opted for breaking Aubrey down with more facesits. Havana puts Aubrey’s arms high above her head, taking away her leverage as she repeatedly sits on Aubrey’s face. You can hear Aubrey a bit winded as she was trying to escape.

Havana then rolls to her side using another headscissor on Aubrey. This time Havana really cranked on the power, you can see that Aubrey was clearly in pain from Havana’s squeezing. Havana went for a mount, but Aubrey threw her off balance, as they both hit the mats, and Aubrey literally flips Havana right over onto her back. Aubrey takes the top spot sitting on Havana’s neck, quickly rolls to her side, Havana’s head in her grip. As she hit the mat, Aubrey then secures a very tight triangle choke. Havana was in serious trouble now as she could not escape, still trying to taunt Aubrey even though she was in a great deal of pain.

Aubrey had a feeling that Havana was finished, she releases the triangle, and sets up for facesitting now. Aubrey was far from gentle as she smashes down hard on Havana’s face. Each tap, Aubrey lifted up asking if she quits, but Havana was being quite stubborn. Aubrey was left no choice but to facesit Havana over and over nearly non stop until she finally verbally admitted defeat in a facesit. Havana even says Aubrey won in french, as Aubrey looks down at her beaten foe, flexing her powerful bicep muscles for the camera. Please note that most of the verbal trash talk is in French, but hey isn’t a “foreign” language sexier and hotter anyways?

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