CPL-CLS-028 Battle Of The blondes

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CPL-CLS-028 Battle Of The blondes

Alayna and Feebee are now challenging one another to a match. Alayna is a raw, tough husky and powerful blonde, with a great body. Feebee is the hot girl next door, with a smaller yet sexy body. This match had some serious unpredictable events that ended with one girl walking away beaten and a black eye. The match started off friendly, but soon escalated into a rougher battle. Alayna started to unleash some powerful moves throwing Feebee around, slamming her down hard onto the mats, and dominating her with facesits. Feebee was laughing at Alayna and that made her rather upset. Now the match gets aggressive. Alayna holds nothing back as she chokes out Feebee using rear naked chokes, breast smothers her, and literally jumps on her face with facesits, ending Feebee up with a black eye. Coming to the end both girls were exhausted and one girl did not want to stop the match and tried to K.O. the other with a facesit, sending one girl into panic mode(which you can clearly hear). Tough girls, great match.

8 thoughts on “CPL-CLS-028 Battle Of The blondes”

  1. Alayna has such an amazing body & she looks absolutely beautiful in that Pink & Black SportsBra & Yellow Shorts & i absolutely love her Breastsmothers & Her Rear Naked Chokes & her Facesits on Feebee!

  2. I applaud Alayna for Slamming Feebee down hard onto the Mats & Dominating Her With Rear Naked Chokes Breast Smothers & Facesits!

  3. Alayna definitely is my #1 favorite list of Facesitters & Breast Smothers because i absolutely love the way she Breast Smothers Feebee & Jumps on her Face with Facesits!

  4. Feebee definitely deserved to be thrown around & slammed down hard onto the mats & being dominated with Facesits for Laughing At Alayna!

  5. Alayna, Way to throw Feebee around & slam her down hard onto the mats & way to dominate her with Facesits & way to hold nothing back by using Rear Naked Chokes & Breastsmothers on her & way to jump on her face with Facesits & way to give her a Black Eye!

  6. Alayna, Way to throw Feebee around & slam her hard onto the mats & dominate her with Facesits & way to hold nothing back by using a Rear Naked Choke on her & way to Breastsmother her & way to jump on her with Facesits!

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