SAV-013 Chris Gets Crushed and Smothered

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Chris takes on the hefty strong Pam in an all out style match. Pam certainly outweighs chris who is skin and bones, literally. Chris can handle alot, but is no match for what Pam is about to do to him. When they start, Pam instantly stood up and trapped chris in a kick ass standing headscissor, locking his head tight between her HUGE thighs. Chris certainly felt the squeeze now, as he was trapped and was left to just tap to have Pam release the hold and relive the instant pain that was applied. She drops to her knees, Chris’s head firmly in her thighs and rolls him into a wicked reverse side headscissor. Chris tapped fairly quickly as his head was being crushed in Pam’s thighs. From there, she decides to mount him, and move in for some heavy BBW style facesitting. His face is buried in her thighs and crotch, taking his breath away bit by bit. Chris gasps for air each time he is able to catch a breath, Pam enjoying her perch above her skinny little victim. Pam decides to use her double D sized tits to now deprive him of air. She rams her massive tits into his face, locking him in, making him seriously struggle for air, Chris almost in panic mode now. Pam continues her breast smothering for awhile, taunting Chris and making him fight for air. This was some brutal tit smothering. By now, Chris was totally exhausted, and drained of most his energy. Pam slams Chris down one last time, and now rams her large shapely ass into his face. Both ass cheeks swallowed his face, Chris barely able to survive now. Pam quickly switched up to a knotted figure four scissor, again wrapping those giant thighs around Chris’s head, squeezing so hard to the point we think Chris went out. that was it for Chris, defeated in a very domineering yet humiliating fashion. Chalk up a sweet victory for the new found BBW.


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