KOA-0110 Ebony K.O. queen

Category:  Mixed Wrestling
Wrestlers: ,

Full Video: 17 Minutes
Members Clip: 6 Minutes
Published: 2017-01-09
Price Download Only: $14.99: USD


Zara shows her darker side in this clip against chadam. Dressed in her one piece white swimsuit, that accents every one of her luscious dark curves. Zara is strong, especially in her legs, and loves to use her smothering scissor combo on opponents. Chadam struggles with Zara on the take down, in hopes of not getting pinned, but looks like Zara was too quick for him, and she flips him onto the mats. Grabbing his arms she slams them to the mats and jumps on top of him, now tightly pinning chadam down. Zara now works him over with air depriving facesits, pinning his arms under her shins and driving her crotch down onto his face. Breaking him down was rather easy, as Zara flips now into reverse, ramming her tight ass down onto his face smothering him. Chadam rocks back and fourth, unable to escape from Zara’s facesitting pins. Zara now traps chadam’s arms under her as she lays down wrapping her sexy long legs around his head, preparing to go for her famous figure four scissor smother combo. Once she has that locked on, she grabs his head and pulls his face into her ass, making sure he can’t breathe, while also squeezing him. She continues this whole process, wiping him out with facesitting, scissors and more. Once Zara knew chadam was not going to struggle much at all, she again goes for her ultimate finisher, once again locking on her reverse fig four smothering combo, and now holds it, until chadam stops moving, as he goes out from the tight pressure around his neck, and his face rammed square into her ass. She even keeps the hold on a bit longer, once she releases it, you can see chadams head literally bounce off the mats, as she victoriously poses on top of him, smiling and gloating.

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