CPL-SIB-10 Big Sister Gets Bound

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Aubrey and Arianne are real life sisters, who sometimes get along, sometimes not. Aubrey is somewhat getting tired of Arianne getting all the attention, so now she wants her time to shine. Facing one another, Aubrey goes at her sister, and as Arianne tries to keep her balance, Aubrey puts her on the mats. Now she quickly secures her down, she slides up into a schoolgirl pin, grabs her wrists then sits on her face. Arianne struggles under Aubrey but she keeps herself on top, smothering her older sister. As Aubrey continues to pour on the pressure, Arianne’s cries were muffled as she continually tries to get out. Aubrey would lift up and go quickly back down over and over, making sure Arianne was barely able to catch a breath. Then reaching back, Aubrey grabs her sisters legs and folds her into a match book pin and facesit. She also pulled both of her legs to one side making Arianne really stretch, and was in a near pretzel form. Aubrey also ignored her sister’s taps, being mean and sadistic telling her to fight for air. Once Arianne caught a breath, Aubrey was there soon enough to take it away again. Pinning Arianne’s arms above her head, she feels even more helpless, as Aubrey tells her to tap with her feet. Obviously Arianne was stubborn and tapped with her hands, but Aubrey did not budge off her face until she tapped with her feet. Clearly Aubrey was in complete control, dominating and over powering Arianne. Then Aubrey turns into reverse slamming Arianne’s face deep into her ass, then grabs her legs and puts on another match book facesit, slapping her ass as well. Aubrey looks back and says “are you liking ass?, it sure looks like it”. Arianne almost goes into panic mode as Aubrey barely gives her a chance to get any air at all. Aubrey turns back into forward, sitting on Arianne’s chin looks down and says “are you gonna let your little sister beat you”, then starts to call her a loser slamming back down onto her face again. She proceeds to smother her again, grabs one of Arianne’s legs pulling on it while facesitting her. Then Aubrey wraps Arianne’s ponytail into her hand and pulls her face deep into her crotch saying” there you go eat some” then starts riding her face, literally humping it jumping up and down on it. After that Aubrey brings Arianne’s arms up in front of her holding them, and while sitting on her face she tells Arianne if she wants air she has to squeeze her tits. She makes her do that a few times before tucking them back under her shins, ready to smother her more. Arianne still tries to get out, but Aubrey was having none of it and stayed on top. Aubrey becomes even meaner and and rapidly goes up and down when Arianne taps, sometimes even ignoring them. Arianne was becoming quite drained from all the air deprivation but Aubrey was not even close to being done. On one facesit, Aubrey pushes her pussy down with her hands onto Arianne’s face telling her to talk into those lips. Aubrey switches to a full weight facesit now, delivering even more punishing facesits on Arianne. Aubrey even lays back completely while facesitting Arianne using her as a bed. As she does that, Arianne was repeatedly tapping, but Aubrey refused to move, and not long after Arianne was out. she rolls Arianne onto her stomach and uses a 4 point hog tie on her. As Arianne was coming to, she asked what she was doing and Aubrey responded remember when we were young, you did this to me and left me in a closet, well now it’s your turn. After Arianne was secured, she dragged her sister on the mats, leaned down down and said “go rot in hell bitch” then slams her foot on her back, flexing and smiling. Evil and sadistic this clip was. Aubrey was out to dominate and destroy, and that is exactly what she did. Knowing Arainne she will want her revenge for this.

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  1. Dear Aubrey, Hi Aubrey All That I Just Want To Say From The Bottom Of My Heart & That Is That I’m Your Biggest Fan & I Really Enjoy Watching All Of Your Girl On Girl Facesits & Especially All Of Your Mixed Facesits & More Importantly I Really Enjoyed Watching You Facesit Your Big Sister In Your Sexy Bra & Panties On The CPL Wrestling Website & I Hope That You Keep Facesitting A lot Of Girls & Guys Too Wheather It’s In Bras & Panties Or A Bikini!

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