CPL-LWC-002 Sorry Bitch You Lose

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Arianne was upset when she found out her sister lost the lightweight title to Eve and now wants to take it away from her. So Arianne arranged for them to have a championship match in hopes of winning the title. Sam introduced both girls before their match and took the belt until the end for who ever was the winner. Eve defeated Aubrey, and still wanted to keep the title, while Arianne was more than eager to take it away. As the girls start, each wearing their bikinis, Arianne and Eve lock up. with one arm Eve quickly grabs Arianne’s leg and sweeps her down to the mats. Before she knew it, Eve was on top of her moved up on her neck and rolled Arianne into a headscissor pulling her hair as well. Arianne tried to escape but Eve’s scissors are quite powerful and had Arianne tapping quite a bit. Her legs flailed as she tried to buck and roll her way out of the headscissor, but Eve had it clamped on very tight. Arianne just made the scissor worse for herself as she found herself now on her stomach with Eve locking on a figure four. With Arianne’s face wincing in pain, face turning red, Eve was not letting up any time soon. Knowing the title was on the line, Arianne knew if she did not escape she was in serious trouble. Unfortunately for Arianne, Eve took all her fighting leverage away and was stuck in her head scissor and Eve was holding her wrists tightly. Becoming exhausted in the scissor, Arianne was unable to break free, as Eve rolled her onto her back now. Sliding up Eve sat on Arianne’s face now taking her breath away as the fight for air began. Eve slammed down over and over Smothering Arianne with intensity making Arianne truly gasp for air when Eve allowed her to have it. Arianne bucked, squirmed and kicked making Eve lose her balance falling forward. As she did that, Eve quickly turned back towards Arianne before she had a chance to get up and got her into a reverse headscissor. Eve was switching between a straight leg scissor and the figure four as Arianne fought valiantly to escape. They were all over the mats as Arianne struggled to get out, But Eve was determined to keep Arianne locked in her thighs. The effects of the scissors were starting to wear down Arianne as with each grueling squeeze, she was slowly losing energy. Eve then sits up, burying Arianne’s face in her ass now depriving her of air. Eve’s tactics seem to be working as she dominated her more experienced opponent driving her ass down into her face. Arianne gasped over and over each time Eve let her have air, doing what she can to still escape. Eve falls to her side grabs Arianne’s head and gets on a nice side figure four. Even before she started squeezing, Arianne’s face was already red from the scissor being on so tight. Once Eve tightened the grip, Arianne was quick to tap, as you can see the pain in her face. Arianne looked as though she was on the brink of going out a few times and was trying to stay focused. Arianne’s energy and fight diminished rapidly in Eve’s long drawn out and painful figure four scissor. Once Eve released it, Arianne’s arms literally dropped to the mats, feeling a bit of relief, before Eve turned in forward now. Eve slid up and put Arianne’s arms high above her head, sliding up and facesitting her now. Each time that Arianne tapped Eve barely lifted up before slamming right back down smothering Arianne. With each passing minute Arianne’s struggles became weaker and weaker, she had no energy left to fight off the tough determined Eve. When Eve asked Arianne if she quits, there was no hesitation and she instantly quits, for fear of being put out now by Eve. Eve has become a tough contender to beat, and is soaring in the ranks, as she defeats Arianne keeping her title just a little longer. That is until she gets challenged again by someone else. Arianne was devastated that she lost, and she will come back again hoping to take the title away from her. Sam enters again to announce the winner, hands the belt back to Eve, and Arianne and her shake hands. As Arianne walks away she said I will get you next time, Eve retorts saying We will see.


6 thoughts on “CPL-LWC-002 Sorry Bitch You Lose”

    1. We do have some where the white girl wins. Keep an eye out for them, and there are some released already like that.

      1. Eve came a long way in a short time. Arianne looking like a rookie! Eve taking nice control right away putting Arianne on her back. Once Arianne was on her back I knew she was in big trouble. Arianne’s immediate taps, her crys owww, face turning beat red with Eve’s stronger scissors and facesitting.

  1. Hey bob, maybe some people like that, Eve is my favorite of all. There is all different matches here, why complain. I prefer girls like eve winning, especially in this video. I knew that Eve could one day beat Arianne, and finally it happens. Love her bikini. Love it more seeing Arianne trapped in her thighs not being able to escape. And Eve has a sexy strong facesit.

  2. Yes!!! Arianne loses. I knew Eve had it in her to defeat her. Her scissors were sexy and watching Arianne try to break free was superb. Eve is sexy, as is arianne, but I was rooting for Eve to win. What a complete one sided domination, Eve really showed her strength and skill in this video. Eve facesat her literally into submission losing her title belt to her. GO EVE!!!!!!!!!

  3. Eve you’re the most beautiful women by CPL Wrestling. You’re the best. I mean like david GO EVE!!!
    I’m definitiv youre fan. You’re my favorite for all. I think at the end Arianne should kiss your butt or feet because of her loss?

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