CPL-ESC-666 Tell Me What I Want To Hear

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CPL-ESC-666 Tell Me What I Want To Hear

Eve and Sage set the stage for this explosive battle. Sage who is a hefty amazon, and Eve who is a pretty tough and rugged chick, is quite the mismatch in size. Eve is always up for a good challenge and that becomes evident in this clip. Right from the start they end up on their feet fighting for a take down. As they scramble around, both hit the mats and Eve jumps on top taking control. Eve gets Sage into a one arm seated choke> Sage then brings her long legs up and catches Eve around the waist hoisting her off. They struggle for control with Sage briefly getting on top, all to have Eve quickly escape. Sage counters with a figure four body scissor and rear naked choke. But Sag just could not control the powerful Eve as she slips out.

Eve quickly starts to dominate trapping Sage in a rear naked choke single arm lock. Sage puts up quite the fight to break out, and finally gets out as they both get to their feet again. Sage is losing steam working hard to get Eve down again. As they hit the mats Eve wrapped her legs around Sage’s breasts in an very painful scissor hold. Sage yelps out in pain a few times as Eve squeezes her. The pain fires Sage back up and she musters all her power to escape, after suffering very grueling scissors. Back on their feet again Sage is brought down by Eve as they exchange holds Eve grasping the upper hand. From this point on, Sage is in serious trouble as she is dominated by Eve with facesitting and head scissor arm bar combos.

No matter what Sage did Eve stayed in control, and on top, wearing down her much larger opponent. Pinning Sage down she traps her arms under her knees and one arm above her head. Sage could not budge now. Eve hammers on some hand over mouth smothers, that has Sage fighting for her life just to breathe. Eve asks Sage if she quits, and being stubborn she chose not to. That was when Eve facesits her and tells her” if you want air you better tell me what i want to hear”. Smothered a now very exhausted amazon, Sage panics and says that she’s done. Eve tries to pick up her beaten foe, and Sage literally flops over trying to catch her breath as he was nearly put out. Eve holds up Sage as she flexes and smiles claiming a total victory over Sage.

7 thoughts on “CPL-ESC-666 Tell Me What I Want To Hear”

  1. This video was amazing to watch. The size difference is quite a bit between them. Eve got stuck in a few holds but manages to get out. Sage looked like she was really trying hard to keep Eve trapped. I see a pattern with Eve, once she has her legs wrapped around someone’s head they can’t get out. I also applaud her for dominating Sage by sitting on her face. That winded Sage and drained the power from her I think. Again classic textbook beating from Eve. Love this girl.

  2. Eve has such an amazing body & she looks absolutely beautiful in those Bra & Panties & i absolutely love Eve’s Facesit on Savage Sage!

  3. I absolutely love the way Eve has both of Sage’s Arms Trapped Under her Knees & One Arm Trapped Above her Head As Eve Rams her Pussy in Sage’s Face!

  4. I applaud Eve for Dominating Sage by having her arms trapped under her knees & having one arm trapped above her head & sitting on her face & ramming her pussy in her face!

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