CPL-DQ-05-Jay-Cee’s Jeans Reverse Facesit

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Dasca is an amazon who is set to take on a very fit girl Jay-Cee. This match takes place on their bed, both dressed in tight jeans. Each girl wants the win, but only one will come out on top. Dasca gets tossed down to the mattress, and Jay-Cee easily mounts and pins her. Dasca taps out few times, then for the remainder of the clip Jay-Cee easily dominates. Now using all reverse, Dasca suffers literally a face full of tight denim covered ass. Jay-Cee certainly did not take it easy on Dasca as each time she tapped, she barely lifted off to give her air. Jay-Cee broke down, humiliated and finished off her amazon opponent with such ease.

cplpicsets CPL-DQ-05-Jay-Cee's Jeans Reverse Facesit

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