CPL-CLS-034 Smother Filled Encounter

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CPL-CLS-034 Smother Filled Encounter

Eliza has now met her match here. Dasca, our new 6’0 210lb Amazon makes Eliza look like a toy doll. As her and Eliza go at one another, Dasca’s sheer brute strength and size literally overpower her. Dasca mounts Eliza, she facesits her almost non stop, sometimes even ignoring her tap out’s. Eliza pretty much lost most of her bikini in this match, as Dasca’s huge muscular legs engulfed Eliza’s head and face.

As Eliza tried to escape throughout the match, you can see and hear that Dasca was actually getting turned on by this smaller weaker girl. Eliza could not budge beneath this amazon, who also planted her huge perfectly shaped ass in Eliza’s face, her ass cheeks swallowing Eliza’s head, and was literally gasping for air each chance she could. Once this amazon was finished with Eliza, she sat triumphantly upon her much smaller beaten rival, enjoying it

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