CPL-CLS-103 Facesit Fever

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Fit chick Jay-cee is back on the scene once again, taking on the amazon Dasca. Both girls dressed in their super tight workout spandex shorts and crop tops. This match takes place on the bed, giving it a more intimate feel, well for one girl. Dasca was really pumped about fighting Jay-cee again, this time in hopes of defeating her. Jay-cee is very athletic, strong and shows no mercy to anyone. Dasca lunged at Jay-cee but was met with resistance, and Jay-cee quickly overpowered her much larger rival. Pinning her to the bed, Dasca was now worried she was not going to be able to escape. She couldn’t have been more right. Jay-cee laces into Dasca with some of the most brutal facesitting ever witnessed. Jay-cee does not like her opponents fighting back, nor does she like them breathing. Dasca taps over and over, and Jay-cee locking Dasca’s face tightly in her pussy, also using full weight facesits, Jay-cee meerly lifts up to give Dasca and tiny bit of air, before forcing either her ass or pussy back down onto Dasca’s now beaten and red face. Almost ready to pass out from sheer air deprivation, Dasca throws in the towel and quits, admitting defeat yet again to her slimmer, more powerful opponent. Jay-cee of course gloats while sitting on her opponent. Awesome femdom display


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