CMX-JV-50 Smothering Nightmare

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CMX-JV-50 Smothering Nightmare  Here is the last video found in our archives featuring the sexy fit Jay-Cee. This bedroom battle is an overload of smothering. Chadam is put to the test as Jay-Cee is a brutally unforgiving girl who wants nothing more than to put chadam out. Dressed in her sexy red lingerie style bootie shorts and bra Jay-Cee is ready to unleash absolute mayhem on him.  Starting on the bed, Jay-Cee shuffles from side to side trying to deek chadam out. Then she pounces at him getting on a headlock and bringing him down. Jay-Cee pins chadam down, and locks his hands between her thighs, and holds his elbows. There is not much chadam can do as he tries to escape. Jay-Cee was ruthless with her face sitting, as she dominates with forward smothering, making chadam really fight for air. Even during his taps, Jay-Cee barely let him get even a tiny gulp of air to recover, making him panic more.

Jay-Cee whips around and plants her firm tight ass now onto his face burying it deep in her butt. His arms are pinned to his sides, and she was just too strong to budge. Chadam’s worst nightmare was coming true, as Jay-Cee showed no remorse or even letting him up to recover. Jay-Cee turns around again in forward, locking his head between her now sweaty thighs. Sweat glistened off her body, making her look even sexier as he sits on his face. Chadam saw no end in sight as Jay-Cee continually face sat him, nearing going out into dreamland quite a few times. With his arms pinned tight, she even uses a one legged full weight face sit, trapping both his arms with only one of her shins. It was a rather unique and effective pin. The end was finally in sight as she asked him to quit, and after a few more punishing face sits, chadam was gasping trying to say he quits, Jay-Cee jumping back showing off her defined muscles posing, over a defeated chadam.



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