CPL-DLV-37 Smothered Into Submission

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CPL-DLV-37 Smothered Into Submission  This encounter has Kiera and Zoe squaring off for the first time, and this match gets explosive quickly. Both girls are alpha females, and neither like to lose. Zoe is smaller than Kiera, and is outweighed by Kiera, but she holds her own quite well in this clip. Kiera gets the first take down and immediately facesits Zoe trying to wind her. she switches from that to a headscissor, but Zoe managed to escape and dishes out some of her own facesitting keeping Kiera pinned. Now these 2 really go at each other both administering headscissors and facesits.  For a newcomer going against a tough skilled girl like Kiera she was doing rather well.  But all good things must come to an end, and for Zoe, that was happening to her. With Kiera having more skill she started dominating Zoe more, and catching her in body and headscissors that was proving too much for Zoe. Zoe does the best she can to try and escape, but Kiera was too powerful. After suffering some bone crushing scissors, Kiera moves in to finish Zoe off. Kiera mounts Zoe’s face, and smothers her constantly as Zoe was trying to submit, still being smothered. Finally Kiera lifts up enough to hear an almost frantic Zoe yell out that she quits, quite breathless. Kiera smiles proudly as she poses and smiles sitting on her defeated opponents face.


cplpicsets CPL-DLV-37 Smothered Into Submission

4 thoughts on “CPL-DLV-37 Smothered Into Submission”

  1. Kiera has such an amazing body & she looks absolutely beautiful in that blue sports bra & thong panties & i absolutely love Kiera’s Mount on Zoe’s Face!

  2. The Zoe vs Kiera match is one of the best non-scripted matches I’ve seen. The physicality both of these women showed was impressive. They were perfect rivals. It was back and forth, give and take. So even. The desperation that Zoe offers her submission to Kiera at the end was just heart-thumping for the viewer.
    What a perfect wrestling match.

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