KOA-0140 Jennifer’s Brutal K.O

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Category: Mixed Wrestling, New
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Chadam goes toe to toe with the powerful and sexy Jennifer Thomas once again. Last match she put him out, and this round he was looking for revenge. Jennifer and Chad get to their knees and wait for the three count to start. On 3, they both strategically slap one another’s arms trying to distract each other. Before chadam even knew what hit him, Jennifer slammed chadams head down towards the mat, stood up and had him in a standing headscissor. Jennifer barely administers any force with her thighs, as chadam wimpers in pain. Unable to take the pain, you can clearly hear chadams grunts and groans as he taps Jennifer, but she barely releases, causing even more excruciating pain, more or less music to her ears. While Jennifer keeps him in her vice like grip, she even has time to put on a little muscle show, flexing her toned biceps and back. Jennifer finally eases up on the headscissor, sits down and positions chadam’s head between her thighs again. This time she snakes her massive quads and calf muscle around his neck in a knotted figure four. she looks at chadam and says ” I like to make grown men suffer”, all the while chadam tapping and fighting to just stay conscious. Chadam kicks his legs in fury as Jennifer applies even more pressure now. More taps, and more struggling is all Jennifer was looking for, watching him suffer brought great joy to her. Jennifer then shuffles behind him, and locks on this time a straight leg headscissor, you can see the sheer definition in her thighs and quads now. Jennifer said to chadam ” you drove over 5 hours to come get your ass handed to you, I want you to go home remembering me” Chadam’s whole body was literally tingling now going numb from pain just from the headscissor alone. After punishing chadam with her unbelievable scissors, she rolls him onto his back, and mounts his face now. Not only does Jennifer humiliate him with scissors, her facesitting is some of the most brutal. she has him practically panicking each tap as he fights for air, and to not go out. Jennifer then switches things up, turning into reverse and locking on a tight reverse fig four headscissor, then a straight legged one. Chadam was seeing more than just stars here now, he just wanted this day to be over. With more agonizing headscissors and facesits, Chadam could barely move. Jennifer is now in a  reverse facesit, locks his arms under her thighs, his hands under her feet and seals off any chance for air. As chadam hit his breaking point, he taps, struggles, kicks and bucks, but nothing was going to work. Jennifer says have sweet dreams, dream of me, as chadam finally stopped moving. Jennifer stayed on his face a few seconds longer just to make sure he was not going to come to anytime soon. Chadam was out so hard, he was actually snoring, as Jennifer sits beside him, looking down at her beaten foe, posing and show casing her extremely fit attributes. Jennifer says at the end” that was my kiss ass finisher”. 


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