SCS-089 No Backing Down

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Cynara was challenged by Tilly in a semi competitive match that has both girls working hard. Tilly is outweighed and loses height to the amazon Cynara, but that did not scare her as she readies herself for an all out mat war. When they begin, Tilly charges at Cynara, and Cynara pulls tilly down on top of her, which back fired. Tilly manages to jump on top and secure Cynara in a tight schoolgirl pin. With her shins locking Cynara’s arms to the mats, she lifts up and facesits her. Cynara struggles to break free and get air, but she is forced to tap instead. Tilly maintains the facesits then switches to a headscissor, pulling Cynara’s head into her thighs. Cynara desperately tries to escape and pry Tilly’s legs apart, and even tries to lift her off the mats. Tilly quickly switches to a figure four and clamps that on tight. Now tilly is getting submissions from Cynara and no matter what Cynara tries to do, Tilly is always one step ahead of her. Just when Cynara thought she was out, they crash down again to the mats, and Tilly still has the scissor locked on. Tilly releases the scissor and goes right for a pin again. Cynara slips out from the pin, and gets Tilly into a reverse facesit, now trying to catch her breath, and take Tilly’s away. Tilly struggles desperately to get from under the weight of Cynara, as Cynara switches around to a forward pin, turned facesit. Cynara. was caught off guard as Tilly manages to break free, and now take the top position again. She now pummels Cynara with forward and reverse facesits. Quickly tilly switches to a headscissor, Cynara stopping at nothing to get out. Cynara practically does a handstand as she is trapped in Tilly’s scissors, as they rustle and jockey for position. Cynara breaks free drags Tilly partially across the mat and jumps on her. She utilizes her weight to her advantage pinning Tilly in long facesits, trying to wind her. Tilly waits for the right moment and slips out from under Cynara once again, and claims her spot on top. This time Tilly folds Cynara’s arm across her throat, grabs her legs, and folds Cynara in half, putting her in an excruciating painful pin. Cynara fights with all her strength, breaks the hold, but still finds Tilly on top, facesitting her again. With more facesits and scissors, Cynara is in trouble now, and rocks Tilly off her. As Cynara gets on top, she knew she could not let Tilly escape for fear she would lose the match. With dominating facesits Tilly succumbs to Cynara’s smothering, both girls exhausted. Tilly resorts to trying to wedgie Cynara as she is being facesat, so Cynara retorts back doing the same thing. she grabs tilly’s shorts and yanks on them, while facesitting her, until Tilly was out of breath, and was forced to quit. This was a very close match, Tilly now seeking sweet revenge. This clip runs a gruelling 22min.

cplpicsets SCS-089 No Backing Down

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