CPL-MAT-08 Wrestling Fury

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CPL-MAT-08 Wrestling Fury This match was a pretty competitive one featuring AJ and Eve. Both had their own set of rules. AJ was allowed to use any pin to the count of five, and Eve was allowed to only use facesit submissions. The action was high flying and intense as the girls hurl one another from one side of the mats to the other, fighting to get a submission.

They were wearing each other down rapidly, as Eve starts to pull ahead with facesit pin submissions, driving AJ to work that much harder to get her share of points now. They both escaped quite a few attempts to get points, and even reversed it on each other. Eve is a beast of a wrestler, and AJ is tiring out quick. AJ scored a few full body press pins on Eve, but Eve came back like a bad storm and facesits AJ into near exhaustion. AJ gets one final grapevine pin on, scoring a point, while Eve throws her smaller opponent around getting her down into one last breath depriving facesit, leaving her breathless and worn out. Very competitive action from start to finish in this superb match up clip.

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