CPL-KE-66 Pin Sub Competition

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CPL-KE-66 Pin Sub Competition- Starla hits the mats with tough girl Eve in a pin or submission match. Starla has a major weight advantage over Eve, but Eve has more skill. Starla is going to rely mostly on her weight to over power and dominate Eve. Once they begin Eve has her hands full, and utilizes her skills effectively getting submissions with facesits and scissors. Starla did not go down without a good fight and manages to pin Eve down and count her out multiple times. Starla’s weight took a toll on Eve which slowed her down, allowing Starla to dominate with more pins.

Eve was determined to beat her, since Starla won their pin count match against each other, and put Eve away with no problems. This is a good back and fourth match, with pins and submissions gained by both girls.

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