CPL-AFS-8 Just Enjoy It

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CPL-AFS-8 Just Enjoy It-

AJ faces off against the rough and tumble Eve. Only this time AJ is in full control as she slams Eve to the mats, and dressed in a sexy little thong starts delivering some great face sits. AJ is quite strong seeming how she is rather petite, and keeps Eve at bay and unable to escape from under her. AJ is rather enjoying sitting on Eve’s face, listening to her gasp for air with each tap. She also flips around in reverse a few times and dominates Eve with her tight ass, burying her face in it.

Eve was trying to break free, but the more she struggled the more she suffered at the hands of AJ. Seeing that there was no way out, Eve was made to take her forward and reverse punishment. With AJ ramming either her ass or her pussy into Eve’s face, Eve was helpless against her smaller rival, she was totally humiliated, and succumbs to her endless smothering face sits. AJ flexes valiantly over her beaten foe, proud of her smothering victory.

8 thoughts on “CPL-AFS-8 Just Enjoy It”

  1. Oh no, that‘s not good. My favourite wrestler is beaten by AJ!
    She has to take a lot of facesitting! I hope she gets a revenge and than is AJ under the ass of Eve the whole time! 🙏

  2. AJ has such an amazing body & she looks absolutely beautiful in that sexy Pink Bra & Thong Panties & I absolutely love her Front & Reverse Facesit On Eve!

  3. I absolutely love watching AJ Ram her Pussy Into Eve’s Face & not to mention i also love Eve getting that pretty face of hers getting buried in AJ’s Ass!

  4. Eve definitely deserved in just enjoy having her face buried in AJ’s Ass & having AJ Ramming her Ass & Pussy into her face!

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