CPL-AE-44 Rough Encounter

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Published: 2020-06-15
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1x1-pixel CPL-AE-44 Rough Encounter
1x1-pixel CPL-AE-44 Rough Encounter
1x1-pixel CPL-AE-44 Rough Encounter
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CPL-AE-44 Rough Encounter–  Aubrey and Eve take to the mats once again in a competitive 3 tap challenge match. Knowing that Eve took her lightweight belt away from her, Aubrey has winning this match heavily on her mind. Once they lock up, they hit the mats and Aubrey takes control. Using a seated scissor she tried to get Eve to tap, but Eve wasn’t giving in that quick. Struggling and fighting, Aubrey falls to her side trying to lock on a straight leg scissor. Eve flips Aubrey over breaking the hold, and they are all over the mats now fighting for position. Getting Eve under control Aubrey scores her first submissions via breast smother. She tries again but Eve was stubborn and refused to tap. Aubrey goes into reverse, but Eve escapes and in the midst of their scuffle, Aubrey locks on a mean body scissor. Eve taps from that.

As they restart the action becomes even more intense, Eve really not happy that she was already losing points. Caught now in Aubrey’s guard she lifts and and slams Aubrey hoping to break the hold. Finally Eve outmaneuvers Aubrey and gets on top. In an instant, she rolls to her side and clamps on her figure four, getting 2 taps from that, then one from a straight leg. Aubrey retaliates with 2 consecutive reverse scissors. Eve was not going down that fast and scores with a forward facesit. Aubrey then gets more submissions from a breast smother, followed by Eve’s rib crushing body scissor.

The action continues and gets more aggressive, with headscissors, breast smothers, and both girls scoring with hand over mouth smothering.  Aubrey also manages to get Eve in a near arm breaking reverse arm bar. The score goes back and fourth with breast smothering, facesits and scissors. Then Aubrey was laying backwards on top of Eve, and gets her in a leg stretching reverse grapevine pin. They trade more facesitting before final fall, and Aubrey gets the last 3 taps with a wicked forward nose smashing facesit. Once the match was over Aubrey still sat on Eve’s chin staring down at her, hoping that she had scored more points. As she gets up she pulls Eve to her feet and they congratulate one another for an outstanding match, both still catching their breath. Wanna know who won? Does Aubrey get her much deserved revenge? Or does Eve humiliate and beat her yet again?  Keep track of the scores to find out!!


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2 thoughts on “CPL-AE-44 Rough Encounter”

  1. An absolutely fantastic match. Both women come out aggressive and maintain that aggression throughout the match. This match has everything that I enjoy in competitive matches, tight headscissors, rough facesits, and bodyscissors causing audible grunts of pain from the recipient. All of the action is captured with great camera work that gets you up close on the action so you can see the tense thighs applying scissors or the struggling woman underneath a facesit as her opponents ass is pressed into her unwilling face. Ultimately there is a woman who takes the lead and there are several moments she simply overpowers her opponent with confidence before applying a fantastic facesit or headscissor. Highly recommended.

  2. I literally just finished watching this video. I am a HUGE fan of Eve, and I must say she certainly gave Aubrey a run for her money. She did escape Aubrey’s grasp a few times and turn the tables on her, but that in short comings. Aubrey seemed to be too powerful for her. I did enjoy the moments that Eve sat on Aubrey’s face, and scissored her. Eve also caught Aubrey in a rear naked choke hand over mouth body scissor combination hold, which was sexy to watch Aubrey try to squirm her way out of that. All in all, I must say the action was fast, and these ladies fought hard. I hope there will be more to come with Eve like this. Thanks

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