SAV-024 The Black Destroyer

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SAV-024 The Black Destroyer  We now welcome, Black Panther to our roster. This girl stands 5’8 and weighs a solid 165 lbs. Her very first match was against house veteran Mia. Black Panther seems to have no mercy on her new found submissive toy Mia making very easy work of her. No matter what Mia did, Black Panther easily controls her just with sheer strength alone. Once Mia was pinned there was not much she could do to escape, watching her lay trapped and helpless beneath her muscular opponent. What black Panther lacks in skill (first day and match) she makes up for it just in brute force alone. It certainly pays off for her, as Mia has more wrestling experience, but nothing seemed to work in her favor. Once Black Panther transitioned into a reverse headscissor, that was it for Mia. She clamps on her extremely muscular toned thighs around Mia’s neck and had Mia wincing in pain. We have never seen someone hold a reverse headscissor this long on anyone before. Black Panther switched from forward pins to scissors, wearing down Mia very quickly. Black Panther also traps Mia in a wicked reverse facesit, shoving her ass down hard onto Mia’s face, just waiting for Mia to tap out several times. Black Panther was certainly not shy about physically and verbally dominating Mia, adding more humiliation to the overall match. the match was coming to a close, and we are sure that Mia was more than happy that her torture was almost over, as Black Panther locks her in one last scissor, Mia practically begging for release. But black Panther wanted Mia to admit that she was better and finally released her between her wimpering and repeating “your the best” to Black Panther ending Mia’s reign of terror from this savage beating she just endured.

cplpicsets SAV-024 The Black Destroyer

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