CPL-VVE-45 Emma Destroys Gia

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CPL-VVE-45 Emma Destroys Gia- We decided to reach into the vault and pull out an old time favorite of fans. Emma take on her amazon counterpart Gia in this clip. Watch as Emma literally toys, smothers and destroys Gia. She makes pretty easy work of her bigger opponent who was to slow for Emma. Gia spends most of her time on her back, and the times she was up, Emma easily slams her back down.

Emma was creative in her ways using hand over mouth, forward and reverse facesits, and a reverse folded pin. Watch Gia squirm and struggle beneath Emma, with each facesit Gia taps quite quickly as she can’t hold her breath long. Emma clearly out muscled this big chick, slamming her pussy into her face repeatedly putting her in her place on the mats. Emma’s thighs also made good use for squeezing Gia’s head, watching them flex as she locks on, Gia tapping rapidly from it. Gia also suffered side control head locks, and Emma even intertwined Gia’s legs immobilizing them at the same time. There was no coming back from this beating that Gia took, Emma was just too powerful for her.

Both are dressed in lingerie style bottoms and fishnets. Gia lay breathless and exhausted at the end, Emma chalking up a fairly easy win over her much bigger rival.

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