CPL-1652 Ultimate Sister Showdown

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Here is the long awaited match of the year. This match pits sisters Emma and Jasmine finally together in one room. They have not seen each other in a long time, and have alot of catching up to do. Well on the mats that is. These two fems do not quite get along with each other and this match proves it. Jasmine is extremely vicious towards Emma and has no mercy on her. Jasmine gets the early jump off from the start and though Emma tries to fight her off, nothing seemed to work. As Jasmine pins Emma down she starts smothering the life out of Emma with full weight face sits, smothering head scissors, pulls her face into her crotch hard to smother her and more.

As Emma fights hard to break free, she found herself in a bad position as Jasmine locks on a reverse arm/headlock that has Emma fighting to even stay conscious. Although Emma was on top she was unable to break free and was literally blackening out and slipping unconscious. Jasmine then was able to toss her off and Emma was quite dazed and stunned. Jasmine used hand over mouth smothering, more full weight face sits, then decides to finish this match off with an amazing reverse face sit, leaving her sister Emma begging for release.

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