CPL-BFB-66 Harley Destroys the Beast

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CPL-BFB-66 Harley Destroys the Beast Fit Beast is a very built girl, looks powerful but Harley certainly proves this theory wrong. Even though Fit Beast took and early lead on Harley pounding her with facesits both forward and reverse, she got too cocky. Harley feeling winded and having all that weight on her face, still managed to escape. Now it was Harley who held her own, and fit Beast firmly to the mats ramming her ass into Fit Beast’s face, and smothering her with forward facesits. Finally fit Beast literally had had enough and could no longer take the pain of Harley’s ass digging deep into her throat and on her face, and quits. Well earned victory for the under dog.

One thought on “CPL-BFB-66 Harley Destroys the Beast”

  1. Harley has such an amazing body & she looks absolutely beautiful in that sexy Sportsbra & Panties & i absolutely love her Smothering Front & Reverse Facesits & Handsmothers & not to mention i absolutely love the way Harley rammed her ass into Fit Beast’s Face!

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