CPL-BOX-02 Sage vs Eve Boxing

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CPL-BOX-02 Sage vs Eve Boxing  Watch the Amazon Savage Sage rip up the mats with Eve in their very first boxing match together. Now Eve has fought once before, but this is Sage’s first time ever boxing. She has a reach and height advantage over Eve, and that begins to show almost from the start. Eve takes quite a few solid hits, but she retaliates with some good strikes herself.

Eve is somewhat frightened of Sage as she had to chase her around the mats a few times,  Eve trying to flee Sage’s punches. Although tough break for Eve as she gets caught in the corner a few times, she manages to get herself out, barely. The second round Sage comes in hard, swinging and connecting the majority of her shots. Backing Eve yet again into the infamous corner and delivering quite the pummeling. Eve was feeling the effects of Sage’s rather hard hits and as they circle around each other, Sage catches Eve off guard with a nasty right hook. That sends Eve crashing to the mats, she gets up and is good to go. Not even batting an eye, Sage is all over her again giving her a few body shots, first one landing directly to her stomach. A few more strikes from Sage’s solid hits and Eve goes down another time. Eve struggles to get to her feet, Sage hovering right over her.

Clearly the punches were getting to Eve, Sage wasting no time getting Eve back into the corner and striking her fast and hard. Eve goes down for the last time, and was unable to get back to her feet. The camera guy calls the match, declaring Sage as the winner by a T.K.O. This was a pretty good job by someone who was never put on a pair of boxing gloves in their life.


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