SAV-014- Kristie Etzold The Male Crusher

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The legendary scissor and squeeze queen herself dropped into our studio to take on a few challengers. Chadam was on the chopping block. He was just a bit to cocky for his own good and Kristie was about to show him who was really the boss of the mats. Chadam had no idea just how powerful Kristie was really was until she lunged at him taking him down straight away into a guillotine choke, then into her powerful thighs. Kristie locks on a great figure four, chadam is still talking a big game, so Kristie squeezes to shut him up. With her amazing trash talking, she belittles his manhood, she facesits him bouncing all her weight on his face, and slaps him quite a few times up side the head. Kristie shows no mercy in this clip. Chadam is becoming less arrogant now, as Kristie weakens him with her steel like thighs, crushing his head, having him see stars and on the verge of going out. Kristie decides it’s time to teach this fool a lesson once and for all, she clamps on a reverse figure four, reaches back with both arms and arches her back. Kristie is now at 100% pressure applying this excruciating hold, smothering and scissoring him. As she lets go, Chadam’s head flops down to the mats, and you can actually hear him snoring. She put his ass out, sitting up now she flexes her stunning and toned muscles.

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