CPL-HN-1 Catwoman vs Batgirl

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Catwoman and Batgirl set the stage for this epic Halloween special edition clip. Both girls possess their hidden superpowers, and are both strong. When they go to begin, catwoman unleashes a fury of power and over takes batgirl dominating her. As batgirl gets thrown to the mats, catwoman leaps on top pinning her down. She decides to use a lot of her power against batgirl, which proves to be something she should have not done. Catwoman facesits her in her leather suit, enjoying her time on top, belittling and humiliating batgirl as she struggles beneath her to escape. With seemingly no way out, batgirl suffers through some intense headscissors, and loads of forward and reverse facesits, catwoman smothering the life out of her, draining batgirl of much needed energy.

Catwoman shows off using some of her acrobatic skills, pinning batgirl down then flipping off her. Batgirl also finds herself face down on the mats, with catwoman sitting on her back, using hand over mouth to keep batgirl quiet as she mumbles her screams. Little did catwoman know, but Batgirl was reserving her energy until it was time to catch batgirl off guard and pounce. That is exactly what batgirl did, Catwoman made a fatal mistake and Batgirl used that opportunity to finally over take catwoman. Catwoman is furious with batgirl as she over takes her and finally pins her down. Batgirl mustered up enough energy to start tying up catwoman, as she hisses and meows at batgirl. Desperate to escape, but batgirl keeps her subdued long enough to get her all tied up. She runs around catwoman tying her up, and putting the finishing touches on her. As she is done she literally just walks away leaving catwoman all bound with no way out, now having to find a way to become freed, all in a rage now.

cplpicsets CPL-HN-1 Catwoman vs Batgirl

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