CPL-CLS-089 Jasmine vs Shanya Smother Justice Part 2

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Shanya and Jasmine meet once again. Shanya wants a piece of Jasmine, and Jasmine really wants to torture and humiliate Shanya again. Jasmine made an extremely dominant debut in her first match, and was looking for the same thing again. Jasmine’s competitive instincts kicked in once the match started. Jasmine attacked from the very start with a ferocity that had the veteran stunned. Shortly into the match Shanya suffered under Jasmine’s ass and crotch, getting the life smothered out of her, literally, and Jasmine went to work like a lioness attacking her weakened prey! Lightning fast forward and reverse facesits and crushing forward and reverse head scissors had Shanya gasping for air and tapping so many times that we lost count AGAIN!!!.A teary-eyed, red-faced Shanya tried desperately to hold on but finally admitted her defeat after Jasmine asked her if she gave up, Shanya said no. From there Jasmine said “oh yeah huh” got Shanya in a forward head scissor and just about had Shanya , until Shanya begged I give up I give up barely able to even say it. If you bought the first one, you will enjoy this one just as much.


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