Name: Aubrey
Active: NO
Height: 5'2
Weight: 105
Wrestling Skills: Mixed wrestling, Grappling, fem fem, pin submission, pin count, mixed beat downs, competitive, semi competitive
Favorite Moves: Reverse seated smother/scissor, grapevine breast smother, reverse facesit, whipping opponents with ropes, head scissors, K.O.’s.
Toughest Opponent: Kiera, Eve, Velvet
Easiest Win: Mariella
Opponents she wanted to face: Zoe, Sunshine, AJ, Rosalei
Win and Loss:

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4 thoughts on “Aubrey”

  1. Aubrey is one of the prettiest wrestlers on here. She is one of my favorites. I love her mouth lol. She is so ruthless to everyone. I am not a fan of watching her lose, but she is still great to watch no matter what. You have a female fan forever here !!

    1. Jenny M. i couldn’t agree with you more because Aubrey is such a very pretty wrestler & she is one of my favorites as well too & I absolutely love her facesits as well too!

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