Name: Aubrey
Active: NO
Height: 5'2
Weight: 105
Wrestling Skills: Mixed wrestling, Grappling, fem fem, pin submission, pin count, mixed beat downs, competitive, semi competitive
Favorite Moves: Reverse seated smother/scissor, grapevine breast smother, reverse facesit, whipping opponents with ropes, head scissors, K.O.’s.
Toughest Opponent: Kiera, Eve, Velvet
Easiest Win: Mariella
Opponents she wanted to face: Zoe, Sunshine, AJ, Rosalei
Win and Loss:

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6 thoughts on “Aubrey”

  1. Aubrey is one of the prettiest wrestlers on here. She is one of my favorites. I love her mouth lol. She is so ruthless to everyone. I am not a fan of watching her lose, but she is still great to watch no matter what. You have a female fan forever here !!

    1. Jenny M. i couldn’t agree with you more because Aubrey is such a very pretty wrestler & she is one of my favorites as well too & I absolutely love her facesits as well too!

  2. Can you re upload “Aubrey’s Newesr Victim” against Chris?

    Can you re upload “Chris Smothering Defeat” staring Emma?

    These are no longer on clips4sale – why is that ?

    1. I can add them on here in the download only section. We are minimizing our use with clips, do not care for the platform much anymore.

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