CMX-BX-86 Bellas Brutal Thighs

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Category: Mixed Wrestling
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CMX-BX-86 Bellas Brutal Thighs

Bella is a petite but insanely powerful girl. Her thighs are strong, and once locked in her vice like grip, there is literally no escape. Bella manhandles chadam on their take down and sneaks behind him instantly wrapping her legs around his neck. He struggle to break her legs apart, but she holds his arms above his head, taking away his leverage to escape. As she applies the squeeze you can see her thigh muscles ripple as the scissor gets tighter and tighter. After sending his brain into a frenzy nearly making him go out, Bella switches to using a north south smother pin. His arms tucked to his sides, her crotch pressed firmly on his face, he could not breath nor get out. Bella switches this up with smothering figure fours, another side figure four.

As chadam tries to escape, Bella keep her legs firmly around his neck, flipping onto his back and now reverse facesitting him . Her long drawn out reverse facesitting is severely winding him, driving his nose constantly into her ass. No matter what he tried to do, Bella kept her position on top riding his face. Bella then goes back to her north south smother, burying his face in her ass and crotch, pinning his arms to his sides. Frustrated, chadam could do nothing to get out.

Bella was in complete control. For her finale, Bella keeps his face buried in her ass and puts on a smothering figure four. As she asks him if he gives up, he says no, so she continues her smothering figure four. Giving it all he had left, he was left with no option but to submit to his younger more powerful foe. Bella sits up and flexes her muscles, as they ripple all across her back, showing her true dominance over chadam.

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