Shanya vs Jasmine – Gallery 2

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Shanya vs Jasmine – Gallery 2 This match was one of the most epic matches that we shot. Shanya goes head to head with tough girl Jasmine. Shanya has always been one of the top wrestlers, until Jasmine moves into town looking to take that championship away. Jasmine did just that. Shanya was subjected to very intense and brutal headscissors and facesitting. Jasmine literally hows Shanya zero mercy, and Shanya tapped out more times than we can count. With each facesit and headscissor delivered by Jasmine, Shanya’s face told the story of just wanting to quit. There was no way no matter how hard she fought, that Shanya was even going to score a mere point on Jasmine. Shanya nearly goes out numerous times, now just wanting this one sided beating to finish. Shanya was certainly thrown through a loop as to how strong Jasmine truly was, and she clearly under estimated her feminine superiority.

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