SCS-075 Melody The Amazon Mauler

Category:  Female Wrestling
Wrestlers: ,

Full Video: 15 Minutes
Members Clip: 5 Minutes
Published: 2016-03-20
Price Download Only: $12.99: USD

Melody takes on the tough Cynara and this match will be a bout for both to remember. Bioth girls are out to win, no matter what it takes. Cynara gets the upper hand on Melody, dragging her ontop and trapping her in a brutal body scissor that has Melody already tapping. Cynara quickly rolls Melody over and goes right for the schoolgirl pin. Now secured, cynara verbally taunts Melody, and that makes her struggle harder now to get out. Cynara throws in a few good scissors, again, Melody taps. But Cynara can’y quite seem to hold on, and Melody gets the upper hand now. Using a breast smother grapevine hold, Cynara is quickly tapping and losing breath. With loads of facesits, Cynara was now fighting to just to keep from going out. Now the match starts to turn more aggressive. Cynara trapped Melody in a figure four body scissor that quickly turned into a very painful bostom crab that has Melody in serious pain. Cynara switches it to a reverse camel clutch chin lock, seriously working over Melody’s back. As Melody escapes Cynara’s grip, she forcefully throws Cynara down, and gives her a taste of hardcore facesitting. Now Cynara is out of breath, winded and now has to admit verbal defeat to Melody. Cynara was made to say Princess Melody rules, what a way to be humiliated. Cynara was not happy losing, but Melody was striking a pose over her amazon rival, knowing she was thoroughly defeated.

cplpicsets SCS-075 Melody The Amazon Mauler


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