SAV-044-Cries Of Pain

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We had a new girl come try out here, her name is Cathy, who stood a mere 5’4, weighing in at 115lbs and only 19yrs old. She didn’t want to do any training what so ever, and we found that rather odd. So before the shoot Mia and her went over the basics for the clips, how we start, moves, ending etc. She went to change and stepped out onto the mats ready to go. Mia was so absolutely sure she was going to rock this new girls world and dominate her the whole time. Cathy is a bit smaller than Mia but was quite toned and has a very shapely body to her. Cathy sizes Mia up before they start, and they lock up looking for the take down. At first it seems like Cathy is going easy on Mia, but once they both land on the mats, Mia finds herself on the bottom. Cathy slips by Mia’s legs and slides up pinning Mia’s arms down getting her into a tight schoolgirl pin. As Mia struggles beneath Cathy, quickly she falls to the side and traps Mia with a headscissor. The scissor was so powerful and intense Mia almost instantly taps. Cathy rolls back up and has Mia in a seated triangle choke and smashes Mia’s arm into her own face crushing it. Cathy was set on dishing out some hard core pain and humiliation. As she is in the seated choke she grabs Mia’s legs and contorts her trying to fold her in half, blocking her airways with her thigh. Cathy positions herself to the side again and with Mia’s arm right there she gets her into some arm bar submissions making Mia tap out over and over. Mia struggles to break out of Cathy’s scissors, but it is near impossible. Her rock hard thighs would not budge. Between the arm bars and headscissors Mia was feeling the pain. Cathy even falls forward in the scissor almost snapping Mia’s neck. she releases Mia but before she knew it, Cathy was on the attack again. She locks Mia’s arm and head between her thighs, squeezing causing Mia alot of pain. Cathy utilizes alot of headscissor armbar moves, very easily overpowering and dominating Mia. After punishing Mia, she flips backwards rolling away giving Mia a chance to get up and fight back. Mia catches Cathy in a headlock, but Cathy strategically gets behind Mia, digs in her heels and is now behind her. Cathy locks on a super painful looking body scissor, cross face lock combination as Mia taps fast. Trying to roll away, Mia gets caught face down in another vicious headscissor that makes her yelp in pain. Cathy backs away trying to give Mia a fighting chance, but nothing worked for her. Locking on more scissors and armbars, Mia strength was diminished and she was hurting. Cathy pins with with ease and even gets a few facesit taps before switching to an amazingly applied half crucifix choke combo where Mia couldn’t even tap she tried to mumble ok ok to tap instead. Cathy then dominates with facesitting, taking every last ounce of breath away from Mia. Even Mia said ok I give i give, but we continued the clip anyways. From this point on Cathy had total control over Mia and literally just smothered and facesat Mia into utter submission. Cathy just sat proudly on her defeated opponent that she left battered and beaten on the mats, flexing her arms showing Mia who the real mat queen was. This was a mind blowing clip, as Cathy just came in, destroyed Mia in 2 separate clips, and was never to be seen again. Grab this clip showcasing this rare girl, and her hidden mat skills.


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