Rosalei vs Paige Bikini Match This was one of their very first matches together and Paige was certainly surprised. She was taken back by Rosalei’s hidden power and strength. Paige had her mind set on easily beating her skinnier lighter opponent, but that turned into a challenge. Rosalei was tougher than she looked as she tossed around and pinned Paige with ease. Paige could not believe that she could not escape Rosalei’s schoolgirl pins, and when Rosalei locked on her headscissors Paige felt the pressure. Paige manages to get Rosalei down herself and even score some scissors on her, but Rosalei eventually over powers her. Now being pinned and completely helpless, humiliated and dominated, Paige became the victim. Rosalei had one last scissor to clamp on, as she locks it tightly around Paige’s neck and forces a complete submission from her. Piage was upset that she had lost, and is looking for a rematch.

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