KOA-073 Evangeline’s Evil K.O.’s

Category:  Mixed Wrestling
Wrestlers: ,

Full Video: 16 Minutes
Members Clip: 5 Minutes
Published: 2016-07-31
Price Download Only: $14.99: USD


Our newest 18yr old superstar Evangeline took chadam on the mats today to prove herself worthy of wrestling. she went above and beyond the call of cruelty in this clip, leaving a lasting impression on chadam. Her mat skills are great for a beginner, and she has no troubles making chadam suffer, or humiliating him. She may be small in stature but she makes up for it in strength and aggression. Evangeline makes controlling chadam a breeze as she locks him into forward pins and facesits, making chadam fight for air, or using some of her own invented moves, choking him out. She decided to make chadam go out a few times, and even before he came to, he found himself in another punishing hold. Chadam was getting beat and was not likin g the fact he could barely defend himself against his smaller stronger opponent. Evangeline certainly seemed to enjoy her dominating power over chadam, seeing his weak attempts to break free, and her having complete control, of him, his breathing, and when he was to be put out. This little dominator rules the mats today, giving chadam something to think about, or better yet dream about, she pins him in reverse, sticks her tight jeans clad ass in his face suffocating him into la la land, posing over top his now dreaming body.

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